Four Key Values and the SDGs

Promoting sustainable management through our Four Key Values under our philosophy of “Love of Humanity”

In keeping with our corporate philosophy of “love of humanity,” the Sekisui House Group creates value by responding to social change and to shifting demand.
Our Sustainability Vision, which we adopted in 2005 and which comprises our Four Key Values and 13 Guidelines, continues to serve as the basis of our approach to value creation. At the root of this is the mindset and the roles we have demonstrated throughout our 60 years of history. These include promoting lifelong contentment, protecting the life and property of our customers, protecting the global environment, and conserving the ecosystem. These are beliefs we continue to support.

Corporate Philosophy (fundamentally, “love of humanity”)

Corporate Philosophy

At the core of the Sekisui House Group's corporate philosophy is a love of humanity: recognizing the irreplaceable value in each and every person, we maintain a fervent hope for the wellbeing of others and a sense of joy in others' joy, doing whatever we do in good faith and a spirit of service. This philosophy took root in 1989 with the unanimous approval of every group employee.

Four Key Values and 13 Guidelines

Four Key Values and 13 Guidelines

In 2005, we announced our Sustainable Vision targeting balanced management based on four key values that focus on sustainability as the cornerstone of our management. In 2006, we formulated 13 guidelines as guiding principles based on these four key values.

Four Key Values, 13 Guidelines and the SDGs (Direct and indirect contributions through our businesses)

The Sekisui House Group declared its Sustainability Vision 10 years before the United Nations adopted its sustainable development goals, or SDGs. The SDGs were adopted in 2015 as common objectives of the international community in terms of maintaining the health of society, the economy, and the environment. Since establishing its Four Key Values and 13 Guidelines in its Sustainability Vision, our group has taken a direct approach to pioneering and implementing sustainability.

Many expect that, going forward, social issues will become more complex and increasingly global in nature. To address these issues, we are placing ever greater emphasis on implementing the SDGs and targeting “Society 5.0,” which is a vision of an optimized future society utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI).

We remain committed to enhancing our corporate value and contributing to the achievement of the SDGs through our business with diligence and a spirit of innovation.

Four Key Values, 13 Guidelines and the SDGs
The sizes of the pictographs conceptually represent the degree of relation to our group's four key values.

Actions taken by Sekisui House

Phase Ⅰ: Safety and Security 1960 Sekisui House established.
1979 Conducted the housing industry's first full-scale vibration experiments.
1982 Launched the PSH-21 (passive solar house) utilizing natural energy.
1989 Formulated a corporate philosophy.
1990 The Comprehensive Housing R&D Institute is established.
Phase Ⅱ: Comfort 1996 Launched the Centrage ∑ model, a first in the housing industry to provide multi-layered high-performance heat insulating glass as a standard component.
1999 Announced the Environmental Future Plan.
2001 Launched the Gohon no ki indigenous landscaping project. Began uniform use of Fc0 and E0 materials in finishing materials for interiors as a countermeasure for sick building syndrome.
2005 Announced the Sustainable Vision.
Formulated the Urban Development Charter.
2008 Made the Eco-First Promise.
Cooperated in the construction of a Zero Emissions House for the Toyako Summit in Hokkaido. Announced the 2050 Vision.
2009 Launched the Green First model of eco-friendly homes.
2010 Commemorated 50th anniversary.
Achieved the milestone of 2 million home.
2013 Launched the Green First ZERO model that promotes energy-neutral housing.
2015 Signatory to the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction at COP21. Paris Agreement Compliance Declaration.
2018 Joined the TCFD declaration.
Received accreditation for SBT Initiative. Began implementation of paid childcare leaves system for men.
Started research on “houses where happiness grows the longer you live there.”
Phase Ⅲ: The Era of the Contented Centenarian 2019 Sekisui House becomes the first non-financial company in Japan to issue a TCFD Report.
2020 The NEXT SEKISUI HOUSE 30-year Vision is announced.