Business Outline

Sekisui House by numbers

  • Custom DetachedHouses13.6
  • Rental Housing14.8
  • Architectural/Civil engineering
  • Remodeling6.0
  • Real Estate Management Fees22.6
  • Houses for Sale7.4
  • Condominiums3.5
  • Urban Redevelopment4.0
  • Overseas Business15.0
  • Others2.9

Business segment

Realize sustainable growth of Sekisui House Group through the organic growth of six business pillars.

Domestic Business

Built-to-Order Business

In the Built-to-order business, we are contracted to construct detached houses or rental housing on land owned by clients.
The Architectural/Civil engineering business was included starting with fiscal 2020.

Supplied housing business

The Supplied housing business mainly involves remodeling existing houses and supporting management of rental housing by subletting real estate.

Development business

The Built-to-order business and the Supplied housing business are businesses that do not require major investment. To link the earnings generated from these two business models to further growth, we are stepping up expansion of the Development Business that requires the acquisition of land and other upfront investment.