Corporate Philosophy & Ethics Guidelines & Human Rights Policy

Corporate Philosophy (Established in 1989)


Life revolves around the home, and happiness for everyone in the family begins at home. In working to express our strong interest in the total welfare of the people we serve, based on our most fundamental philosophy, "love of humanity," Sekisui House, Ltd. strives to create homes and environments that are more than just comfortable places to live. By focusing firmly on the many and varied needs of our customers, our homes reflect our in-depth understanding of these desires as well as our commitment to fully satisfying them in every way. From our core business of building detached homes, we are now expanding into the construction of medium- and high-rise buildings as well as increasing our involvement in more comprehensive urban development projects. In each of these areas, our priority is placed on the personal satisfaction of every resident through our own "Customer Satisfaction activities."

Societies everywhere face a number of issues that force us to redefine our relationship with the Earth. We urgently need to turn our social and economic systems away from the habits of consumption and toward more sustainable alternatives. We at Sekisui House feel that by making available high-quality homes that last for generations, we ensure both that people are happier and that the environment is better cared for. Toward this end we are strengthening our systems to better integrate residential construction with lifestyle enhancement. We are also actively working to establish new design and construction processes that provide greater value to society. We will continue to promote change in all of our corporate activities with the goal of establishing greater harmony between individuals, communities, and the environment. With your continued support, we will be able to carry out this important goal for a more fulfilling life.

Ethics Guidelines

Human Rights Policy