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ESG Management Initiatives

ESG Management Promotion Structure

ESG Promotion Committee

The Board of Directors has established the ESG Promotion Committee, which includes at least two external committee members with special expertise, and has tasked it with exchanging opinions on the progress of initiatives aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of ESG management, along with requisite challenges to be addressed to this end. The committee meets once every three months, with the content of its discussions being reported to and examined by the Board of Directors. When the committee deliberates topics related to risks, its conclusions are shared by the Risk Management Committee so that these topics are reviewed and managed within the Group’s overall risk management system.

  • Chairperson: Officer in charge of ESG division
  • Outside committee members: 2
    Katsuhiko Kokubu (Dean and Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration, Kobe University)
    Hidemi Tomita (Representative Director, LRQA Sustainability K.K.)
  • Internal committee members:
    Head of the ESG Management Promotion Headquarters, the respective chairpersons and vice chairpersons of the three ESG subcommittees (Environmental Subcommittee, Social Improvement Subcommittee and Governance Subcommittee), etc.
  • Note: Directors of the Board, Audit and Supervisory Board members and officers in managing officer positions or higher attend committee meetings as observers.

ESG Management Promotion Structure

ESG subcommittees

Environmental Subcommittee

We promote the decarbonization of all Group business activities, as well as plan and implement environmental management systems for conserving biodiversity and recycling resources. We also collect environment-related information and disclose this in a report once a year. By doing so, we strive to raise internal and external stakeholders’ awareness of the environment and our efforts to reduce environmental impacts. Environmental initiatives are central to our global vision to make home the happiest place in the world. We therefore implement sophisticated initiatives to reduce our environmental impact and risk exposure, while creating business opportunities.

Social Improvement Subcommittee

The Sekisui House Group grows when our employees grow. We therefore embrace and make the most of diversity, while instilling a corporate culture of innovation and communication throughout the Group. Our goal is to maximize the happiness of our customers, society and employees.
   Diversity and inclusion are the practical aspects of our efforts to develop systems, workplace environments and corporate culture supportive of each employee’s sense of job fulfillment and self-directed career development.

Governance Subcommittee

In our ongoing efforts to strengthen corporate governance, we consider it important to create an open workplace culture, and therefore we make every effort to ensure all employees understand and act on our corporate philosophy and the essence of ESG management. To strengthen Group governance, we have established a system to activate
communication among governance specialists, led by managers responsible for general affairs at each organization in Japan and overseas, and are also working to strengthen the development and conduct appropriate allocation of governance specialists throughout the Group.

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