Pursuing Customer Satisfaction through Our Value Chain

People these days are seeking new and different types of value in a house while housing companies are similarly looking for new ways to provide optimal value to customers. Being able to see the big picture in a complex business is necessary for maximizing customer value through the value chain. The key to accomplishing this is in the industry-leading “big data” we have been able to gather through diverse channels. The analysis of such data allows us to anticipate both customer needs and shifts in social trends. Making use of the data throughout the group and sharing it with our suppliers leads to high levels of productivity and top-drawer performance, quality, and after-sales services; it also helps to build a market in which a house is a good social asset.


Sekisui House embraces diversity in the workplace and aims to establish a work environment that enables everyone to reach their full potential. Efforts toward this end began in 2006 with a basic personnel policy that guides the company toward human resource sustainability, consisting of three pillars: promoting the participation of women; utilizing diverse personnel; and promoting diverse workstyles and work-life balance. We are constantly working to put in place mechanisms that help create an environment in which employees and the company can work together to achieve sustainable growth.

Workstyle Reforms

Workstyle reforms to stimulate innovation are essential for a company to grow sustainably in times of diversifying life values. Such reforms include reassessing work-life balance in an era of 100-year lifespans and efforts to secure a proper workforce when the population is aging and in decline due to dropping birth rates. Based on the key phrase “innovation & communication,” we are taking steps to promote good health management and create a workplace environment that allows every employee to work with peace of mind and reach their full potential. We have also created a support system that allows individuals to work while taking care of a child or an elderly person, or getting treatment themselves for a medical condition. These are workstyle reforms that go beyond past efforts to stimulate innovation.