Editorial Policy

This report is published with the objective to spread awareness about the Sekisui House Group's efforts to create a sustainable society. We also seek to communicate with various stakeholders and improve the quality of our activities through it. We refer to the following for identifying and editing the contents of the reports.

  • Environmental report: The Environmental Reporting Guidelines 2018 published by the Ministry of the Environment
  • CSR report: Guidance on Social Responsibility ISO 26000

Moreover, this report and our website comply with the GRI Core Standards by including general disclosures (those whose publication is required to ensure compliance with the Core Standards) as well as the material disclosures required under the standards.

As for initiatives related to the novel coronavirus, this report does not address the effects nor does it outline a specific response to the virus.

[Content of Report and Applicable Scope]

This report covers Sekisui House, Ltd. and 276 consolidated subsidiaries.

  • Period covered: FY2019 (February 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020) Note: Some activities undertaken in FY2020 are covered in this report.
  • Date of publication: This report is published annually in Japanese in May and in English in July.