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Diversity and Inclusion Promotion and Initiatives

Sekisui House has set the three pillars of our diversity and inclusion promotion policy as promoting the participation of women, utilizing diverse personnel, and promoting diverse. We are working to create an environment and structure where both employees and the company can achieve sustainable growth.

In addition to actively hiring women in sales and technical positions, we are striving to promote career development for female employees, to pursue training aimed at the promotion of women to managerial positions, to raise awareness among superiors, and to generally create a comfortable workplace environment for women.

Sekisui House is working to build a system and an environment where anyone can work enthusiastically in their own way and reach their full potential, regardless of their age, gender, nationality or if they have any disabilities, etc. The active participation of each and every employee directly leads to our growth as an organization.

We are not only implementing highly flexible systems and programs for working, which allow a variety of choices and combinations, but also working to strengthen our support system throughout our workplaces. We are also striving to allow all of our employees to achieve happiness.