2008:Sustainability Report

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Sustainability Report 2008 1/6 (P1-P10) (PDF 307KB)


Editorial Policy
Towards a Sustainable Society
The Four Values and 13 Guidelines of Sekisui House
Commitment from the Top

Sustainability Report 2008 2/6 (P11-P24) (PDF 1,000KB)


Sustainability Report 2008:Taking Responsibility for the Future
1.Making homes that can be enjoyed by many generations
2.Action Plan 20:Global warming prevention
3.The Gohon no ki gardening concept
4.Building towns with the concept of "Beauty that blooms with time"
5.Resource recycling strengthened by Group power

Sustainability Report 2008 3/6 (P25-P36) (PDF 1,264KB)


Sustainability Report 2008:Taking Responsibility for the Future
6.Technological development for a sustainable society
7.Sustainability-based procurement guidelines
8.Alliances with partnering construction companies
9.Adopting Human Resources Sustainability to create a fulfilling workplace
10.Social contribution and communications

Sustainability Report 2008 4/6 (P37-P42) (PDF 115KB)


Sustainable Management
*CSR Policy and Structure
*Comments from External Members of CSR Committee
*Environmental Burden Material Balance
*Social Targets and Actual Performance
*Environmental Targets and Actual Performance

Sustainability Report 2008 5/6 (P43) (PDF 67KB)

Third Party Statement

Sustainability Report 2008 6/6 (P44) (PDF 33KB)


Corporate Data