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Management Foundation

Basic Approach

In accordance with our corporate philosophy of love of humanity, under which we pursue truth and trust, deliver the highest quality and technology, and create enriching homes and environments, the Group considers corporate governance to be one of its major management challenges. The Sekisui House Group has improved the effectiveness of its corporate governance to increase corporate value while sustainably earning the trust of shareholders, investors and other all stakeholders, and has put in place a system that enables speedy management marked by integrity. The
Company discloses to its stakeholders the Sekisui House, Ltd. Basic Policy*1 on Corporate Governance, in which the fundamental concept and the framework of the Company’s corporate governance is established. The Sekisui House Group positioned 2018 as the first year of governance reforms. We have steadily implemented each initiative to build a resilient management base for long-term sustained growth in corporate value.
   Integrity—sincerity and high moral values—is central to our governance reforms. This concept resonates with our philosophy of love of humanity, and with our stance of truth and trust. We prioritize integrity in all corporate activities, from the actions of the Board of Directors to personnel evaluation, sales, production and construction, and will continue implementing reforms as a leader in ESG management.

*1 Details regarding the Basic Policy on Corporate Governance are available on our website.

Corporate Governance System

Corporate Governance System

Clarification of the Functions and Structure of the Board of Directors

  • Formulation of medium- to long-term management strategies and plans and management supervision are functions of the Board of Directors. Our objective is moderate separation between management supervisory and business execution functions through the delegation of authority for short-term and segment-level business execution.
  • Our goal in structuring the Board with a 1-to-1 ratio of internal to outside directors of the Board is to enhance transparency and independence while fostering fair and healthy tension among members that results in innovative management.