2010:Sustainability Report

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Sustainability Report 2010 1/4 (P1 - P14) (PDF 1,974KB)

Editorial Policy
Sekisui House Group Overview
Top Management Commitment
Commitment to a Sustainable Society

Sustainability Report 2010 2/4 (P15 - P30) (PDF 3,573KB)

Special Features:
1.Global Warming Prevention
2.Biodiversity Conservation

Sustainability Report 2010 3/4 (P31 - P42) (PDF 1,726KB)

Special Features:
3.Committed to Building a Recycling-oriented Society
4.Safe and Secure Homebuilding
5.Building Communities That Grow Attractive Over Time

Sustainability Report 2010 4/4 (P43 - P56) (PDF 398KB)

Commitment to Employees
Housing Technology R&D
Sustainable Management