2012:Sustainability Report

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Sustainability Report 2012 1/6 (P1 - P12) (PDF 2,214KB)

[Sekisui House Group Overview]
[Homebuilding by Sekisui House]
[Top Management Commitment]

Sustainability Report 2012 2/6 (P13 - P32) (PDF 6,998KB)

[Management philosophy directed towards implementation of a sustainable society]
[Concerted efforts of the Sekisui House Group to facilitate the process of reconstruction and rehabilitation of the areas stricken by the Great East Japan Earthquake]
Special focus:
Commitment to catering to the needs of the next generation future
[Promoting our “Green First” initiative to meet the post-earthquake needs of the next generation]
[Consideration of the health of residents]
[Developing overseas business]

Sustainability Report 2012 3/6 (P33 - P44) (PDF 1,174KB)

[Organizational management toward a sustainable society]
[Eco-First Promise]
[Material Balance]
[Summary of the Results of Fiscal Year 2011 and Targets for Fiscal Year 2012]

Sustainability Report 2012 4/6 (P45 - P58) (PDF 4,166KB)

[1. Preventing Global Warming]
[2. Preserving Biodiversity]
[3. Building a Recycling-oriented Society]

Sustainability Report 2012 5/6 (P59 - P72) (PDF 3,626KB)

[4. Building Communities that Deepen Neighborhood Bonds with ongoing beautification]
[5. Contributing to Healthy Lifestyles and Responding to the Needs of an Aging Society]
[6. Commitment to Stakeholders]
[7. Contributing to the Wellbeing of Society]

Sustainability Report 2012 6/6 (P73 - P78) (PDF 445KB)

[Comments from External Members of the CSR Committee]
[Third Party Review]
[Editors’ Note]
[Main Third Party Evaluations of the CSR Activities of Sekisui House during FY 2011]
[Concluding Remarks by the Board Members in View of the Third Party Comments]