2011:Sustainability Report 

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Sustainability Report 2011 1/6 (P1 - P14) (PDF 1,354KB)

[Editorial Policy]
[Report on the Response of Sekisui House Group to the Great East Japan Earthquake]
[Sekisui House Group Overview]
[Top Management Commitment]

Sustainability Report 2011 2/6 (P15 - P26) (PDF 2,546KB)

[The "Green First" home is an embodiment of our "Sustainable Vision"]
[Commitment to a Sustainable Society : Continuing focused efforts for a better tomorrow]
1.Accelerating the process toward the practical use of the smart house concept
2.Chemi-less Town Project
3.Developing business overseas

Sustainability Report 2011 3/6 (P27 - P36) (PDF 774KB)

[Sustainable Management]
CSR Policy and Structure
Meeting our Commitments to Sustainability as an Eco-First Company
Material Balance
Summary of the Results of Fiscal Year 2010 and Targets for Fiscal Year 2011

Sustainability Report 2011 4/6 (P37 - P52) (PDF 2,550KB)

[Activity Report]
1.Preventing Global Warming
2.Preserving Blodiversity
3.Building a Recycling-oriented Society
4.Building Communities that Deepen Neighborhood Bonds and Grow Increasingly Attractive Over Time

Sustainability Report 2011 5/6 (P53 - P64) (PDF 1,453KB)

[Activity Report]
5.Homebuilding by Sekisui House
6.Commitment to Group Companies and Building Cotractors
7.Commitment to Employees
8.Contributing to the Wellbeing of Society

Sustainability Report 2011 6/6 (P65 - P68) (PDF 181KB)

[Comments from External Members of the CSR Committee]
[Third Party Review]
[Concluding Remarks by the Board Members in View of the Third-party Comments]
[Third Party Evaluation of the CSR Activities of Sekisui House During FY2010 / Editors' Note]