ZEH Ratio for FY 2022 New Detached Housing Reaches Record High of 93%
ZEH-Derived Cumulative Reduction in Residential Emissions Tops 1.09 Million t-CO2

Sekisui House, Ltd. / 2023.4.24

Net zero energy house (hereafter referred to as ZEH) accounted for 93% of all new detached housing built by Sekisui House, Ltd. in FY 2022, a record high. The cumulative total of ZEH housing built stood at 76,509 units as of March 31, 2023. In addition to detached houses, Sekisui House is promoting ZEH with its Sha Maison rental housing, Grand Maison condominiums, and other multiple-dwelling complexes. With the implementation of ZEH in its detached houses, rental housing, and condominiums, Sekisui House has achieved a cumulative reduction of CO₂ emitted during residence from FY 2013 to FY 2022 of 1.09 million t-CO2.*
(*even more reductions compared to construction equivalent to building energy efficiency standards)

An example of Sha Maison ZEH rental housing construction

Initiatives for achieving decarbonized society for each building type and results for FY 2022

Detached houses

Promotion of ZEH since launch of Green First ZERO in 2013 as a driving force in housing industry ZEH. ZEH ratio for FY2022 of 93%

Rental housing

Provision of housing with resident power sales scheme that brings sizable benefits to residents. Aiming for ZEH ratio of 75% in FY 2025. FY 2022 ZEH ratio was 65% (15,064 units).


All Grand Maison condominiums to be sold from 2023 onward will be ZEH. FY2022 ZEH ratio of 88.8% based on sales


Focus on the decarbonization of existing houses, a major issue across the housing industry, by promoting Idokoro Dan-netsu (location-based insulation upgrades) and other eco-friendly remodeling. Idocoro Dan-netsu implemented in 1,601 homes in FY2022


Promotion of net zero energy building (ZEB). 89 ZEB units constructed in FY2022

As an important ESG management initiative, Sekisui House will continue to pursue viable initiatives based on the characteristics of each business category, including eco-friendly remodeling and promotion of ZEB in non-residential business as well as ZEH detached houses, rental housing, and condominiums.

Survey Results of Sha Maison ZEH residents.
Approximately 70% of residents appreciatelower summer electricity bills

To survey change in awareness regarding ZEH and impact on everyday life, Sekisui House conducted a questionnaire survey of residents of Sha Maison ZEH housing providing a resident power sales scheme as a standard to reduce resident utility costs and address ethical consumption preferences. Results showed that residents are aware of and appreciate the benefits of ZEH, as detailed below.

Survey summary
✔ Approximately 90% of households which moved into Sha Maison ZEH responded that they were "very satisfied" or “satisfied."
✔ Approximately 90% of households responded that their indoor temperature environment was comfortable in summer.
✔ Approximately 70% responded that " electricity bills during the summertime were lower.”
✔Approximately 80% responded that if and when they relocate, they would want to choose ZEH specification housing.

Q. Are you satisfied with your current rental housing? (n=231)

When asked if they were satisfied living in Sha Maison ZEH, 27% responded that they were "very satisfied," and 61% that they were "satisfied," making for a total of approximately 90% satisfaction.

Q. Is your indoor temperature environment comfortable during summer? (n=208)

When asked about the comfort of their indoor temperature environment during the previous summer, 40% responded that they were “comfortable," and 52% "somewhat comfortable," indicating that about 90% of respondents are relatively comfortable during the previous summer.

Q. How have your summer electricity bills changed compared to your previous residence? (n=211)

When asked about their electricity bills during the previous year's summer, 67% responded that they were lower, indicating that approximately 70% of residents were aware of and appreciated that they were paying less for electricity in summer when air conditioning and other cooling system are required.

Q. Will you choose ZEH when relocating? (n=201)

When residents satisfied with their current homes were asked whether they would choose ZEH specification housing if they relocated to another rental housing elsewhere, or purchased or built a house, 30% responded that they would, and 48% that they would “to a certain extent,” indicating that approximately 80% would like to live in ZEH specification housing. This result indicates that the experience of residing in Sha Maison ZEH with its resident power sales scheme has a ripple effect on ZEH choice not only for rental housing, but also for ready-built and custom-built houses.

Overview of Sha Maison ZEH resident questionnaire survey
Survey period: April – September 2022
Number of respondents: 232 households (n numbers indicate the number of valid responses)
Survey target: Residents living in ZEH-M (net zero energy house mansion) (resident power sales scheme)