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Core Competence

What are your core competences?

Our technical capabilities, construction capabilities and customer base are our greatest strengths.
Core Competence

Technical Capabilities

Green First Zero: aiming to be net energy neutral

Taken up by more than 90% of our customers in Japan

The Green First ZERO is a net zero energy house (ZEH) that ensures both greater comfort and an energy-neutral living environment with its high-efficiency thermal insulation, energy-saving equipment, and photovoltaic and other power generation systems, combined with an eco-friendly design.
* Based on the definition specified in the repot of the ZEH Roadmap Follow-up Examination Committee (January 2015, The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

Green First ZERO
Green First ZERO

SHEQAS - Seismic energy absorption system

Sekisui House original earthquake-resistant structures certified by the Japan's Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism

Sekisui House’s proprietary SHEQAS seismic control system reduces building movement by converting seismic energy into heat energy, and can reduce building deformation by approximately 50%. Made of special high-damping rubber, the SHEQAS damper maintains its effectiveness even after multiple large earthquakes or aftershocks, providing housing in which residents can continue to live with peace of mind.


Airkis high-quality indoor system

Reduce indoor concentrations of chemical substances to less than 50% of the guidelines values set by the Japanese government.

Airkis is the Sekisui House original high-quality indoor air system. It reduces indoor concentrations of five major chemical substances to less than 50% of the guideline values set by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, assuming that children use about twice as much air as adults.



Combining three systems for zoning, ventilation and air purification, SMARTECS keeps air inside the home clean while also controlling temperature.


Construction Capabilities

Design-build construction system to guarantee solid construction quality

Sekisui House Construction companies with approximately 3,700 employees

Design-build construction system through wholly-owned subsidiary Sekisui House Construction companies and Sekisui House Association

Each detached house we build has a unique design and is tailor made for the specific customer, so on-site quality control is a critical process for a successful build.
We enter into contracts directly with customers without going through agents and we have established a design-build construction system to ensure reliable construction quality. The wholly owned Sekisui House Construction companies and the Sekisui House Association consisting of building contractor partners promote improvement in the level of skills through training, and thoroughly implement quality control.

After-sales service

Customer Center staffed exclusively by Sekisui House employees

Appropriate maintenance of the house is needed to make sure residents can live in continued comfort, and Sekisui House considers this maintenance to be part of a home's intrinsic value. This is why we have Customer Centers nationwide. Information about customer housing is also managed on a central company wide system.
After moving in, questionnaires and other tools are used to collect customer feedback. This information is distributed throughout the Company and utilized daily as an important source of information for product development and service improvements.

Solid Customer Base

With our highly respected technical and organizational capabilities, Sekisui House has been leading the housing industry for over 50 years in developing housing-related businesses and building a solid customer base boasting the largest number of housing units in the world.

Happiness in the Era of the 100-Year Lifespan
We have expanded our Supplied housing business by leveraging our strong customer base and group collaboration.