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Financial Highlights

What were your most recent business results?

Net sales and profit reached record highs in FY2021.
We aim to further increase sales and profit in FY2022, the final year of the Mid-Term Management Plan.
Sales Development

Shift to more balanced earnings structure

By expanding business and continuing to strengthen our earnings capability for each of our four business models, we have successfully shifted from a business structure weighted towards the Built-to-Order Business to a more balanced earnings structure.

Net sales
Operating income

<Medium-Term Management Plan>

The Fifth Plan (Fiscal 2020 - Fiscal 2022)
Further strengthening core businesses and embarking on new businesses

Having set "further strengthening core businesses and embarking on new business" as the fundamental policy, we will not only promote the spread of high-value-added housing and living environments such as net zero energy housing (ZEH) but will also implement the Platform House Concept. At the same time, we aim to actively branch out into the non-residential market using our original β System construction method. Meanwhile, the overseas business will also enter the next stage and make further headway towards sustainable growth. We will work to expand our service business using the new Platform House Concept and IT technologies such as blockchain. By organically extending these initiatives, we will create business opportunities in new markets.

The Fourth Plan (2017-2019)
Build the foundation for the residential‐related business toward BEYOND 2020

Based on a fundamental policy of build the foundation for the residential-related business toward BEYOND 2020, we promoted the spread of high-value-added housing and living environments, by strengthening housing-related business, expanding into new businesses, and by making overseas business a core business sector.

The Third Plan(2014-2016)
Strengthen synergies in the Group and taking on new challenges in the residential-related business

We expanded housing and housing-related businesses across the Sekisui House Group and sought to develop new businesses in line with a policy of strengthening synergies in the group and taking on new challenges in the housing and related businesses.

The Second Plan (2012-2014)
Acceleration of profit growth through business expansion

Based on a management policy to deploy growth strategies focused on the residential business sector, we decided to conduct business under three business models and achieved profit growth exceeding the initial plan, with sustained growth in the Japanese market and substantial growth in overseas markets driven by the sale of pioneering high value-added housing.

The First Plan(2010-2012)
Establish lean earnings base

In fiscal 2009, we recorded our first operating loss since listing, reflecting a drastic contraction of the Japanese housing market owing to the 2008 financial crisis. We implemented company-wide structural reforms including closing down operations at a key factory, consolidating production lines and streamlining head office departments, significantly lowering our breakeven point and realizing a lean earnings structure.