Corporate Profile

Corporation Name Sekisui House, Ltd.
Head Office 1-1-88, Oyodonaka, Kita-ku, Osaka, 531-0076, Japan
Date of Establishment August 1, 1960
Capital Stock ¥202,854,499,372 (As of  June 7, 2023)
Total Number of Shares Issued 662,862,666 shares (As of  June 7, 2023)
Cumulative Number of Houses Built 2,583,978 houses (As of  January 31, 2023)
Business Activities
  • Contracting and execution of construction works;
  • Design and supervision of construction works;
  • Design, contracting, construction and supervision of landscaping and exterior construction works, and cultivation, purchase and sale of plants;
  • Contracting and execution of civil engineering works, carpenter works, plastering works, steeplejack, earthwork and concrete works, works of stones, roofing works, electrical works, piping works, tiles, bricks and blocks works, steel structure, reinforcing works, paving works, sheet metal works, glass works, painting works, waterproofing works, interior finishing works, installation works of machinery and tools, heat insulating works, telecommunication works, furnishing, water facility works and fire fighting equipment works;
  • Purchase and sale, exchange and lease of real estate, and brokerage and agent for purchase, sale, exchange and lease of real estate;
  • Management and appraisal of real estate, and management consulting business thereof;
  • Research, planning, design, engineering, management and consulting business related to regional development, urban development and environmental improvement;
  • Land measurement and geological survey;
  • Second class financial product transaction business;
  • Manufacture, sale and purchase of construction materials and materials for tree-planting and gardening;
  • Purchase and sale of furniture, interior decoration, household electric appliances, housing equipment, medical equipment and daily sundry goods;
  • Business relating to collection, transportation, disposition and recycle of waste;
  • Management of privately operated home for elderly and other facilities with medical and nursing care, and management consulting business related thereto;
  • Information processing service business and production, purchase and sale of publications;
  • Development, purchase and sale, and lease of computer software and information processing system;
  • Acquisition, usage and management of patent and other intellectual property rights;
  • Management of sporting facilities, recreation facilities, training institutes, eating places, lodging accommodations, and stands and management consulting business related thereto;
  • Planning, operation and contracting of various entertainments and management of culture centers;
  • Trucking business, warehousing and security service, and intermediation or agent thereof;
  • Loaning of moneys, guarantee of debts and leasing of movable property;
  • Holding, sale, purchase and asset management of marketable securities;
  • Advertising agent business, non-life insurance agent business and business concerning canvassing for life insurance;
  • Administration of facilities for career development;
  • Administration of welfare facilities for the Company and companies belonging to the same capital group; and
  • Any and all businesses incidental or related to each of the above.
  • 14,932 employees (As of January 31 , 2023)
    Authorized Architects 1st Class: 3,090
  • Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport license for building construction, landscape architecture, interior decoration, public works contracting and earthwork contracting
  • Minister of Land , Infrastructure and Transport license as land and house dealer
  • Osaka Prefecture Governor 1st Class Architect Office license and others
  • Other certificates:
    • Sekisui House B, Sekisui House β
      TypeApproval (under the BSL- Building Standard Law)
      Housing Performance Type Approval (under the HQAA- Housing Quality AssuranceAct)
      Certification of Specific-type Housing Parts
      Manufacturers (under the HQAA)
    • Sekisui House SHAWOOD S-MJ
      Type Approval (under the BSL)
      Housing Performance Type Approval (under theHQAA)
Major Shareholders
(As of January 31, 2023)
  1. The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd.(Trust account)
  2. Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd.(Trust account)
  3. SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.
  4. Sekisuihouse, Ltd.
  5. Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.
  6. Sekisui House Ikushikai
  8. MUFG Bank, Ltd.
  10. The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Ltd.
Stock Exchange Listings

Tokyo Stock Exchange

Nagoya Stock Exchange

Stock Code 1928
American Depositary Receipt Depositary : The Bank of New York Mellon
Main Banks

MUFG Bank, Ltd

The Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

Resona Bank, Ltd.

The Norinchukin Bank

Factories Tohoku (Miyagi), Kanto (Ibaraki), Shizuoka, Hyogo and Yamaguchi factories

Comprehensive Housing R&D Institute 

Human Life R&D Institute

Sales and Service Offices
(As of January 31, 2023)

Sales Office: 112

Customer Service Center: 30

Display Home: 308

Subsidiaries & Affiliates
(As of February 1, 2023)
  • Trade, Brokerage and Lease of Real Estate

    Sekisui House Real Estate Holdings, Ltd.

    Sekisui House Real Estate Tohoku, Ltd.

    Sekisui House Real Estate Tokyo, Ltd.

    Sekisui House Real Estate Chubu, Ltd.

    Sekisui House Real Estate Kansai, Ltd.

    Sekisui House Real Estate Chugoku & Shikoku, Ltd.

    Sekisui House Real Estate Kyusyu, Ltd.

    Sekisui House Umeda Operation Co., Ltd.
  • Remodeling
    Sekisui House Remodeling, Ltd.
  • Construction Subsidiaries
    Sekisui House Construction Group
    Tohoku, Tokyo, Kanto, Joshinetsu, Chubu, Kansai, Chugokushikoku, Kyusyu 
  • Built-to-order housing business
    Sekisui House noie Limited
  • Architectural / Civil engineering
    Konoike Construction Co.,Ltd.
  • Oversea Subsidiaries
    Sekisui House Australia Holdings Pty Limited
    Sekisui House US Holdings, LLC
    North America Sekisui House, LLC
    SH Residential Holdings, LLC
    Woodside Homes Company, LLC
    Holt Group Holdings, LLC
    Chesmar Holdings, LLC
  • Others
    Sekisui House Trust, Ltd.
    Sekisui House Financial Services Co., Ltd.
    Sekisui House Asset Management, Ltd.
    Sky Rail Service Co., Ltd.
    Sekisui House Innovation & Communication, Ltd.

and other companies